Employer FYI

So you want to offer health insurance to your employees. Where do you start? Follow these steps and guidlines and you'll wonder why you didn't sign up sooner.



What you do:

  1.  Fill out a Census.
  2. Send us your Census.
  3. Review proposal sent to you.
  4. Discuss plan options with us.
  5. Fill out Enrollment forms sent to you.
  6. Send us completed forms. 
  7. Wait for Approval.

Once Approved, the only thing you need to worry about is making your premium payments and adding/removing employees as you go. (which we can help with too!)



What we do:

  1. Use census to select plans best fit for your company.
  2. Send Proposal of plans from different companies to you compared side by side.
  3. Go over the pro/con of plans with you.
  4. Make sure everything needed from you is sent and collected.
  5. Make sure everything is correct, to prevent issues that could slow the enrollment process down.
  6. Stay on top of the enrollment and check on it's status until complete.
  7. Let you know when you are Approved, send welcome documents to you.
  8. If needed, we will keep an eye on when ID cards are printable (depends on the company)


We take care of the leg work and make sure nothing gets snagged on the way so you can get back to business.



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