Non-Traditional Individual Products

So you aren't happy with your choices that are available. Whether they are unaffordable, not your desired network, or you just want to make sure you consider everything before deciding. Here you will find options that don't fit inside the normal box for "ACA Compliant" plans.


With this being said, most of these options cannot protect you from the penalty of not having insurance, should the penalty still be in place in 2019.





National General* uses the Aetna PPO physician network and offers a Short Term medical plan that allows the insured to back-to-back short term policies for 12 months of protection without a new pre-existing condition being applied in subsequent policies. 

IHC offers a variety of options ranging from Short Term health plans, Indemnity Plans, and even a "fusion" plan that includes both. IHC has plans with a 12 month waiting period on Pre existing conditions as well.

Formerly Known as Golden Rule, United Health One is United Healthcare's short term policy. It offers several levels of benefits to fit ones needs, much like National General and IHC. 



PrimaryCarePlus was started by a group of doctors who wanted to bring the focus of healthcare back to the Patient. This plan offers a low membership fee, and can be paired with an Association fee of $5.00 that meets the ACA mandate (through Employer Business Alliance). This pairs well with Philadelphia American's plan. This plan offers 24/7 access to Primary care doctors within the network, as well as Specialists and Lab Etc. This plan does not offer coverage for Hospital Visits.

Philadelphia American offers a Hospital Indemity plan that is an affordable non-ACA compliant option that gives you a cash benefit on benefits. It allows you to use any Doctor of Hospital you'd like.


*National General Accident & Health markets products underwritten by National Health Insurance Company, Integon National Insurance Company and Integon Indemnity Corporation.

Medi-Share is an option that is known in the industry as "Faith Based Health Sharing Plans" which use a PPO network, and are compliant under the ACA guidelines. The plans are NOT health insurance plans, but rather members who share medical expenses. There is no guarantee of your bills being covered, however some have an impressive record of claims paid. Pre-existing Conditions are an issue on these plans.

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