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NOTE: Open Enrollment Ends on Saturday, December 15th.  All telephone consulting appointments are filled. Please use the button to the right to complete your application.  This will automatically assign us as your insurance agent so that we can assist you with any issues throughout the year.

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Between 11-1 and 12-15-18 - Click the button below to view options that can adjust based on your income and family size. Not sure if you'll qualify for a subsidy? find out now!

Open Enrollment begins on November 1st, 2018 and ends on December 15th, 2018. Without a Qualifying life Event,  you will not be able to enroll onto a full coverage (ACA/Obamacare) plan before November 1st. However, other options are available.

Not sure the "normal" route is the one for you this year? This coming year holds uncertanty as the last POS carrier has left much of Georgia, leaving our clients unsure about what to do for 2019. We wanted to offer some "outside the box" ideas and options that could be less expensive while still offering protection against the unknown. Click here to find out more.


Before 2017, we have been able to offer a variety of consulting, customer and claims services for no additional cost to you. Unfortunately, due to the MLR rules in the Affordable Care Act, ACA insurance companies pay us little or no commission on individual and family plans.  In order to continue offering the same level of Customer services to our Individual clients that we have in the past, we have been forced to begin charging a fee for our services. However, clients who wish to self enroll via our website will not be charged unless they require extensive intervention service assistance on their policy during the year.


Please note this only affects Individual and Family health insurance policies. We do not charge any additional fee to help you with other types of policies, including Medicare, Small Group or Short Term Policies.


If you would like to avoid paying the fee, there are a variety of self service options on our website, such as the buttons you see above. The benefit of applying through our website versus direct to the insurance company is that our experts are available to consult and assist you with any issues or questions that come up during the year.

Small business owners, This year small group plans and Individual plans run about the same cost per person, but offer a better network and benefits. Interested? Read more here.

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