Alternative Options

So you aren't happy with your choices that are available. Whether they are unaffordable, not your desired network, or you just want to make sure you consider everything before deciding. Here you will find options that don't fit inside the normal box for "ACA Compliant" plans.


With this being said, these options cannot protect you from the penalty of not having insurance, should the penalty still be in place in 2019.





Partnered with Lloyd's of London, Petersen offers a Short Term medical plan that allows the insured to re-apply for coverage and have up to 11 months of protection without a new pre-existing condition being applied in subsequent policies. 

IHC offers a variety of options ranging from Short Term health plans, Indemnity Plans, and even a "fusion" plan that includes both. IHC has plans with a 12 month waiting period on Pre existing conditions as well.

Formely Known as Golden Rule, United Health One is United Healthcare's short term policy. It offers several levels of benefits to fit ones needs, much like Petersen and IHC. 



Philadelphia American offers a Hospital Indemity plan that is an affordable non-ACA compliant option that gives you a cash benefit on benefits. It allows you to use any Doctor of Hospital you'd like.


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